Prenatal Care
I offer individualized and comprehensive prenatal care to low-risk childbearing women. It involves knowledge of nutrition, exercise, and non-allopathic healing options. Routine urinalysis, blood pressure evaluation, uterine palpation, fetal heart auscultation, and assessment of fundal height/fetal growth. It also involves test and procedures to screen for complications, such as, blood work, glucose tolerance test, and GBS screening. Referring to medical consultation when significant abnormalities arise. Our appointments are an hour long giving us plenty of time to go over any questions or concerns while building our client/midwife relationship.

Labor/Birth/Immediate Postpartum
I believe in the natural process of birth and as your midwife I will help guide you through this life changing experience, helping when needed, and supporting your wants and desires. We will have constant communication through the laboring process. I will come to you as soon as you are ready for me. Along with my assistant, who you would have had the chance to meet previously. I bring with me all the necessary equipment needed for labor, delivery, and newborn care, including medications and tools for common complications of birth and immediate postpartum. This is your birth and I am simply here to serve you.

After the birth, I will provide care up to 6 weeks postpartum. I will visit you at home between 24-48 hours postpartum where I will assess your well being and that of the baby, provide breastfeeding support, and offer New Born Screening (optional).
We will then set up a 2 week visit at my office where I will assess your vitals and that of the baby, breastfeeding support if needed, assess your baby’s growth, and make sure everything is settling in well.
Our last visit will be at 6 weeks postpartum in my office. I will be evaluating your vitals and assess if all aspects affected by the birth are back to normal, vaginal exam (optional) to asses cervical closure and vaginal tone, go over natural birth controls methods, and of course assess the baby’s growth and well being.

Well Women Care 
~ Pap smears
~ Breast exam
~ Blood work
~ Family Planning
~ Natural Birth Control options
~ General Health Education

Well Baby Care
I am trained to care for babies for up to a year old. As I am not a pediatrician, I can only provide services within my scope of practice.