Sliding Scale

I will offer a sliding scale because I understand that the price of home birth is sometimes unrealistic for many families and I want everyone to get the chance to experience the birth they desire. My scale is based off of combined gross annual income between my client and their partner.

Gross Annual Income Price for Services
$50,000 and higher $4,000
$40,000 – $49,999 $3,500
$30,000 – $39,999 $3,000
$29,999 and lower $2,500

If you have PPO insurance* and would like to bill your insurance to try and receive reimbursement the sliding scale will not apply to you and you must pay the full fee of $4,000 by 36 weeks of pregnancy. 

*Most PPO insurance companies will cover some or most of your home birth/birth center fee but some companies will not cover an out-of-network provider. I would be more than willing to put you in touch with my biller to run a verification of benefits.