Midwife, Natural Birth

I believe pregnancy and birth is a profound experience, which carries significant meaning to the woman, her family, and the community around her. Midwifery care is holistic and continuous in nature, grounded in an understanding of the emotional, social, psychological, physical, cultural and spiritual experiences of women.

As your Midwife, I will provide evidence based low-tech care to minimize intervention in a way that maximizes safety and positive outcomes. I assess the health and safety of mom and baby throughout pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum by providing care that is responsive to the needs and values of women and their families. I encourage informed choice throughout the childbearing cycle by providing you with complete, relevant, objective information to facilitate your decisions about your own care. This enables you to develop the understanding, skills and motivation necessary to take responsibility for and control of your own health.

My primary responsibility as your Midwife is to ensure the well-being of the women and newborns entrusted into my care, supporting your right to participate fully in decisions for and about you and your baby.

Client Testimonies

December 30, 2019
I highly recommend Jade! We clicked right away because of her easygoing personality and willingness to work with my insurance. Our prenatal visits were more like going to visit a friend. And most importantly Jade’s presence at my baby’s birth was so calming and soothing. This was my 3rd baby and it was my most intense labor. The contractions were so powerful I couldn’t concentrate on anything except the pain. Until Jade arrived. She really helped me get through it and her words became my mantra: “trust your body.” Jade had to travel a long distance to get to me and she knew to start driving before I told her to come which worked out because I felt like baby was coming minutes before she arrived. Jade and Robin took wonderful care of me and my baby during and after his birth and I couldn’t have done it without them.
-Lisa Montero

January 4, 2019
Having my first baby was nerve wracking because we didn’t really know what to expect but Jade made my birth experience one I’ll never forget. My husband and I were very blessed to have Jade there. She kept my husband informed on every little detail so he wasn’t clueless about anything. She massaged every and I mean every contraction I had away. She encouraged me every step of the way and kept the whole room pretty calm. I would highly recommend her because of how knowledgeable and hands on she was.
-Christina Valencia (Doula Client)