Birth Center

Robin Allec CPM, LM, at Precious Pathways Birth Center, has graciously allowed me to be a part of her birth center located in Apple Valley, CA across from St. Mary’s Hospital. Giving my clients the option of either a home birth or birth center birth. There are 2 beautiful suites to choose from, there is also a spacious lobby to accommodate family and friends, and a kitchen to store and prepare food.

Blossom Room

The Blossom room is the spacious suite including a porcelain birthing tub with a detachable shower head to rinse off or soothe labor pains.

Grace Bay Suite

The Grace Bay room is smaller but just as beautiful. Includes a walk-in shower with option of an inflatable birthing pool.

**Choosing to birth at Precious Pathways Birth Center will not affect the fees we established for my midwifery services but you will have to pay an additional $1,000 for the facility fee. IEHP options now available!!